We’re Back!

Every good story includes a few twists and turns, and ours is no different. The road to becoming an independent fashion designer and label has not been without its obstacles. Happily, the brand that has since emerged, Nardos Design, is all the more precious to our team because of our unique journey. We feel blessed to be able to design and create on behalf of our clients once again, and are so grateful for the support our friends have shown us as we’ve worked to bring this new dream to life.

Nardos Design, LLC is a custom couture bridal and evening wear salon. With our designer, Nardos Imam, who designs these custom couture gowns to our clients. It is truly a dream experience and one our clientele never forgets!

As a child, Nardos Imam spent hours in her mother’s workspace cutting scraps of fabric and looking at vintage Vogue pattern books. Captivated by the art of dressing, she moved from the country of Eritrea to study Fashion Design and Apparel in the United States. Since receiving her degree, the Dallas-based designer has garnered international recognition for her custom bridal and evening wear collections, which couple custom fit with the finest fabrics, laces, and beading available in the world market.

The custom couture gown is a beautiful process; it is what makes it a one-of-a-kind experience. First, the client meets with Nardos, the designer herself, to consult about the vision of their gown. She takes the time to learn about the client’s personality; making the experience more personal to the client. Nardos hones into the emotion that the client expresses when describing the gown, and sketches options for them to choose from. Once you have decided on your sketch, Nardos will help in the process of choosing the fabrication for your gown. Even if you have a specific pattern for beading you would like on your gown we are able to design this just for you! After all of this has been finalized you will then move on to the process of fittings.

First, you start with a muslin fitting. This is a personalized custom pattern made for each custom couture item specifically created for each individual client. Next, you will go through a series of fittings with your actual gown. At the final fitting, is when you see the finished gown after the last alterations are done to it. This is a once in a lifetime moment seeing your gown on yourself and knowing it is truly yours! Our gowns are never repeated, which makes it a special experience for our clients knowing their fit to perfection gown is just for them!