The Nardos Design Dancing Debutantes of Forth Worth

The holidays are both the most wonderful and sometimes most busy time of the year.  Last month, in addition to designing for client’s holiday events, Nardos Design, personally created seven custom debutante gowns for a local debutante ball.

Each time a client comes to Nardos Design, the custom process adapts for them and their event to create the perfect dress for the occasion.  This time, all seven dresses needed to unify a common theme, however each dress still needed to articulate the personality of our beautiful debs.  Nardos personally met with each of our debs to determine the appropriate beading and fabric to match the occasion and wearer.

We really enjoyed capturing the essence of each client in the beadwork and style of the dress.  It is such a wonderful feeling to see our clients smile in their custom made couture.  But its an entirely different experience to see them enjoy their custom made couture.  We are so honored to be a part of our clients lives, and feel so special to be asked to create these custom dresses for them.

To see more custom debutant dresses and other Nardos Design styles please check out our Instagram!