Rehearsal Dinner Dresses by Nardos Design

At Nardos Design we do not only offer bridal gowns, we also make all kinds of dresses leading up to the wedding day. From a bridal shower dress to a rehearsal dinner dress, the variety of options are not limited.

We even offer Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom dresses for any occasion. The rehearsal dinner dress is one that many of our brides decide to have made along with their wedding gown. Some brides decide to take certain features from a Nardos Imam by Nardos Design dress to create their custom couture rehearsal dinner dress. Each brides dress is one-of-a-kind and is never repeated.

Nardos adds a touch of femininity and modernity that transcends in to elegant, classic and delicate styles. It truly is the perfect fit dress for your special occasion. The dress is created as a look that most suits you and your personality. Every detail on the dress is extremely refined and displays a high-level of craftsmanship in Nardos’ creations. An experience that you will never forget!

Call and book an appointment to create the dress of your choice for your special day! 214-749-1901 or [email protected]