Nardos Design Event With The House

On Thursday, June 23, 2016 we hosted an event with The House in the Nardos Design Salon. Andre Galloway, Lifestyle Direct of The House, made this beautiful event happen! It was lovely having an evening of couture with the ladies from The House.

They were able to see the salon as well as the collections by Nardos of Nardos Design and even were able to meet our designer Nardos. Models Zandria Theis and Lacey Bollinger of the Campbell-Wagner Agency unspecified-3wore several designs from the custom couture gowns from the new collection.

The custom couture bridal, evening wear, and cocktail collections are gowns that are classic and timeless pieces. Each dress speaks to a certain individual.

The custom couture collection is created with the finest lace, luxurious fabric, and delicate crystals sewn by hand. The ladies had a behind the scenes experience in to the creation process. They even took a visit in to the production room where each gown is created. It was a fabulous night and we were delighted to meet and host the ladies from The House!

Cesar Perez from Perez Photography captured the evening for us!