Nardos Design Cocktail Collection

Unique, extravagant creations, represents the new custom couture cocktail collection by Nardos of Nardos Design. These new creations are delicately elaborate and enhanced by striking fabrics such as silk gazaar, silk crepe, and silk faille paired with beautiful Italian lace and hand-painted fabrics.

The new collection is filled with stunning bright colors to define figures in constant motion. Every single detail on each custom couture piece is extremely refined with attention to detail. The silhouette on the new cocktail collection enhances femininity, underlining the essence of a modern woman.


The new pieces in the cocktail collection is spectacularly magical, exquisitely engineered and crafted with the highest level of craftsmanship. The stylistic variety of the collection allows every woman to find a look that most suits her. Each piece in the new cocktail collection is unique.   

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