Custom Gown Process

Nardos Imam has over seven years of experience in the fashion industry. After attending fashion school, Nardos began her career working in alterations and before quickly becoming an in-house designer at Stanley Korshak. Her experience molded her when she started her own company years ago.

At Nardos Design, our clients are consulted at every step from the initial sketch, to the construction details and the fabrication options that will ultimately fulfill the client’s dreams.

Start with a Sketch
Nardos captures the vision of each gown through a sketch from what the client expresses to her. She takes the time to learn about the client’s personality; making the experience more personal to the client. Nardos hones in on the emotion of what the client expresses when describing the gown, and sketches options for them to choose from.

Fabrics and Embellishments
Nardos handcrafts every detail of her gowns, bringing them to life by adding imported high-end fabrics, and custom beadwork hand-selected from around the world. Each client is able to experience the process of hand-selecting a specific fabric/lace and color for their gown, evening or cocktail piece.

Your Custom Gown
Nardos personally fits each client to perfection. She is present for every meeting from design consultation to the final fitting to ensure the dress is perfect. She begins with a type of fitting called a Muslin fitting. This is a personalized custom couture pattern made for each individual client.
Once the muslin fitting is complete, you will be fitted into your custom couture gown. Having a fit to perfection custom gown, evening or cocktail piece is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.