"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

– Psalm 139:14


The movement from inspiration to illustration. The selection of materials and textures. The addition and deletion of details. The incorporation of patterns and colors. The creation of lines and shapes through meticulous fittings. Couture is a true art form, handcrafted at the highest level. Nardos is passionate about developing new materials and using design to evoke the essence of timeless femininity—the perfect blend of Old World romanticism and contemporary precision, united in the creation of perfectly-fitted garments that enhance the elegance and grace of those who wear them.

The creative process is never uniform. “I am constantly inspired by everything around me, especially textiles,” says Nardos. “It is often a combination of materials, emotions, art, and experiences that come into play to create the basis of inspiration for custom couture.” Read on to discover how the couture process unfolds at NARDOS Design.


It begins with a sketch.

Nardos lives to create, and draws endless inspiration from the world around her. After translating an idea into a sketch, Nardos drapes fabric on a mannequin to illustrate the shape of the design. At this point, our highly-skilled pattern-maker turns Nardos’ creation into a pattern, which is then cut and sewn into a sample. Many styles are quite delicate and require additional layers of draping at various stages of the design. These ephemeral styles can be replicated, but never exactly duplicated—the essence of couture.

Sometimes, an initial idea evolves into an entire collection. On other occasions, the design stands alone as a solitary creation.


Silhouettes can be infused with different moods depending on the fabrication that is used. Lace, tulle, charmeuse, organza, silk, satin—each selection and combination of materials evokes a different look. Nardos excels at identifying each client’s personal taste and style. Equipped with this information, she then selects the appropriate blend of fabrics needed to bring a classic, glamorous, or modern aesthetic to life. Her choices always factor in both the client’s unique perspective and the structural requirements of the selected silhouette.

NARDOS Design gowns are fashioned from the most luxurious fabrications available. We work with the world’s finest fabric suppliers in locations including France, Italy, and India to source unique materials of the highest quality.


Embellishments often act as the finishing touch that turns a custom gown into a couture masterpiece. At NARDOS Design we offer a variety of luxurious beading, crystal, and embroidery options, and we also have the ability to create custom-designed beading and embroidery patterns.

After final selections have been made, each gown is then handcrafted in our Atelier and proudly produced in the United States of America.

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