Behind the Scenes with our Designer Nardos Imam

Each creation is conceived and sculpted specifically for each client so that the end result is perfect, unique, and inimitable allowing it to reflect the personality of the wearer. This is how every gown is created by Nardos Imam for a client or when creating a new collection. The experience has a very personal feel when you come in the salon for a custom couture gown from Nardos, the designer. She is there every step of the way through the process.

Nardos enjoys getting to know the client’s personality before beginning. This is where her inspiration is drawn from when she begins sketching and captures the vision of the gown of what the client is expressing to her. During the time of the sketching, the client and Nardos look at beautiful, luxurious fabrics, laces and beading to finalize the design. Once the design of the gown has been decided, the custom process begins. Nardos is present for each fitting of the client from the muslin which is the custom pattern made for each individual.

To have a Nardos Design gown means so much more then a name because Nardos, herself, is behind the scenes pinning the muslins, sewing the gowns, and creating the new collections. Nardos believes, “You can put any girl in a gown and she’s going to look beautiful. But to give the client that extra boost of confidence, you have to bring her idea for the perfect gown to life.” “That’s the beauty of custom.” It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that you will never forget!

Make an appointment with Nardos today to have the gown that you have always dreamt of come to life! 214-749-1901 or [email protected]


Nardos fitting a model for the Salvation Army fashion show.