Behind The Collection

Our Nardos Design collection created by Nardos Imam, reflects femininity and dynamism these are the key words that describe a collection which makes the exaltation of the female figure its primary objective. An attention to detail carried thoroughly with embroidery, impeccable draping, and precious hand painted fabric, defines a sensuality that speaks for itself. A result of the skillful use of handmade crystal embroidery, which outlines the body, along with sharp lines that trace abstract trails on our couture gowns and cocktail collection. Bright colors to define figures in constant motion.

The inspiration behind our Nardos Design collection is not limited to one main focal point. There is so much variety going on of what women want to see in gowns for this season. From an elegant, sophisticated look to a more sexy sleek style. The options are limitless! Beautiful colored print lace to hand painted fabrics that look like art; this collection speaks to an array of women.

From natural colors and shades of beige to intense colors and shapes, gives you an insight of what is in trend for this season. Showing you the wide variety of what is to be seen this season and in Nardos’ collection. You can never be disappointed with a one-of-a-kind couture gown by Nardos. Which is why we are so excited to present the newest collection to Nardos Design! Elegant, classic, delicate, modern, romantic, sexy, sleek, and so much more is just a preview of what you will see from the couture collection. We are also delighted to introduce our cocktail collection.We hope you enjoy!